Hello, my name is Kerry Crawford. It's taken me a while to figure things out. But, something I've always known for certain is that I am a visual person and an artist. I've had the knack for drawing and painting since I was very young, so it was no surprise when I attended art school and studied illustration and design and then worked for more than 10 years in that world. I've enjoyed applying makeup since I was a kid it's been a hobby for most of my life without me really giving it much notice. My journey to becoming an independent pro makeup artist sort of grew organically and instinctually. For me it's like painting, only on the face. I think that my foundation in art and design help refine and distinguish my makeup style. I'm also an esthetician, which has been extremely helpful in guiding my makeup clients who have skin care concerns. Eventually I connected all of the dots that were in front of me: artist + esthetician + indie makeup artist = my perfect little combination for happiness. I took the leap and officially started my own business KERRYMAKEUP in Jan. 2008, and it's been a labor of love and growing ever since. Helping someone feel amazing is very fulfilling to me. I love my "job".

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